Citrus Chicken

Citrus marinated bone-in Ashley Farms chicken breast served with spinach, mushrooms and diced tomatoes, served with Gouda mashed potatoes finished with demi glace.

Beef Burgundy

Braised in red wine, onions, mushrooms and carrots, served
over mashed potatoes.

Stockyard Filet

8 oz choice Angus center cut with red wine demi and choice of Pecan Blue cheese compound butter or Maitre D’ butter, served with Dauphinois potatoes and asparagus.


Sautéed and topped with jumbo shrimp served with mashed potatoes and fresh vegetable finished with lemon butter sauce.


On a bed of sautéed tomatoes, onions and mushrooms.


Sesame crusted, served with roasted potatoes and haricots vert finished with lemon soy butter sauce.

Stockyard Ribeye

16 oz. Choice Angus Beef served with Dauphinois potatoes and asparagus topped with herb de Provence.

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